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Friday, September 23, 2011


FHU loop at Lincoln RockOur Opinion: Rave.  Beautiful green grass, trees for shade, on the banks of the mighty Columbia River.

Date of Stay:  Sept. 19-21, 2011

Weather During Stay:  Sunny and warm, with a pleasant nighttime cool down.

Site Description:  A total of 94 sites are arranged in 3 loops.  Sites 1-27 have no utilities; sites 28 through 59 are FHU with 30 amps; sites 60-94 have water and 30 amp electric but no sewer.  Roads and sites are narrow asphalt; each site has a picnic table.  Voltage (even on a hot day) was good, as was the water pressure.

Most sites on the exterior of the RV loops are pullouts, fairly sharply curved.  Interior sites are back-ins.  Asphalt pads are only wide enough for the RV (quite narrow) and are surrounded by grass that is watered daily (be prepared to track in a LOT of grass).  Most sites are quite level.  Little privacy, but a pretty setting.

Site 83 Lincoln RockWe chose site 83, a W/E site, for our 3-day stay.  Because the weather was warm, our main criteria were shade, a site facing either north or east, and no obstacles for our TV satellite dish.  Few sites were available in the FHU loop and none of them met our needs, but site 83 (without sewer) had a shot to the TV satellite and afternoon shade.

This park also has a 4 cabins.  Each loop has a bathhouse with token-operated showers.  A huge days use area has sports fields, a boat launch ramp, and a swimming beach.  Dump station near the exit.

Rate:  $27/night for 30 amp E and water.  $28/night for FHU.  Stay limit unknown.

Phone/radio/TV:  Good Verizon signal here for both phones and aircard.  Our site had no obstacles for our roof-mounted satellite TV dish, but many did - so pick carefully.  Three snowy analog stations on the air antenna.  NPR on 90.3 and 90.7.

A pull through at Lincoln RockElevation/landscape/terrain:  This is a slightly rolling park with the FHU sites at the highest elevation, around 750’.  Near views are of grass, trees and neighbors; distant views are of the massive, dry hills of the Columbia River valley, dotted with deep green orchards.  Very appealing.

Lighting/noise:  Very dark and quiet at night.

Favorite Sites:  Looked like site 45, an FHU site with a nice view of the river, would be the winner, but there are many, many lovely sites here.

Hiking/Walking: This is a big park with nice walking paths throughout, though no trails of any distance.

Comments:  This state park is very near to Wenatchee (5-6 miles away), surrounded by orchards (lots of fruit stands nearby).  Reservations are strongly recommended during summer, but the reservation period ends on 9/15.  There were many sites available when we visited.  We would return.

Lincoln Rock State Park campground from across the Columbia Swimming area at Lincoln Rock

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