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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Our Opinion: Neutral. This is our “backup” park when the cheaper RV park down the road behind Holt’s Shell station is full - a decision based purely on price.

Date of Stay: January 28, 2009

Weather During Stay: Sunny and calm with a high in the 60s, low close to freezing.

Site Description: We were in site 31, a long, wide, very level pull-through. 50 amp FHU, no cable (second photo). All the sites at Augie’s Quail Trail are exceptionally large. Not all are pull-throughs, but both times we have stayed here for an overnight, we had a convenient pull-through site. Around 100 sites total. No picnic tables, at least in our row.

Roads and sites are gravel and dirt. Roads are very wide, turns are easily negotiated. The park has a spacious feel. Nice clubhouse (third photo) and laundry (we didn’t use either). Near the office (top photo), they have a special spot for car or RV washing: $2.00 to wash your car, $4 for your RV (you do the washing). Several dumpsters around the park, but it was a long walk to the nearest one.

Rate: Escapees pay $22 night for 50 amp FHU. I’m not sure what the “regular” rate is - surely not much higher.

Phone/radio/TV: Verizon service, both phone and aircard, is excellent in Gila Bend. Didn’t bother with TV antenna or local radio. No obstructions for TV satellite dish. They advertise free WiFi, but we didn’t try it.

Elevation/Landscape/Terrain: Flat, dirt and gravel roads and sites at 790 feet elevation. A few garden areas and native trees have been planted in the park; the surrounding area is scrubby desert. Distant views are of arid mountains.

Lighting/Noise: Very quiet except for the occasional distant train. No night lighting near our site; very dark and pleasant.

Favorite Sites: 31 was a nice site. The sites in that row of pull-throughs are numbered 19 through 33 and all would be similar. 33 might be most pleasant as it is on the end with a small garden area.

Hiking/Walking: The park is large enough that you can get a bit of exercise walking around the loops. We have not found any trails.

Comments: We often find ourselves in Gila Bend for an overnight after boondocking in Yuma or Quartzsite. We want a level, FHU site with 50 amps. Holt’s Shell RV park costs $9.50 with the SKP discount, and has easy access to fuel and propane. They don‘t take reservations at Holt‘s, and only have around 20 spaces. Augie’s Quail Trail is prettier and easier to negotiate, but costs more than twice what Holt’s does, $22 vs $9.50. If there is space at Holt’s, that’s where we park.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Our Opinion: Neutral. If our Boomer RV group was not camped here each year during January, we would not be, either - but it is an excellent rally spot in the dead of winter.

Date of Stay: January 23-28, 2009

Weather During Stay: Days of sunshine, a day of rain, days of wind and partly cloudy days. Highs in the upper 60’s and low 70’s changed to highs in the upper 50‘s later in the week. Lows in the 40‘s. Some wind and wind chill.

Sites: The town of Quartzsite is surrounded by BLM land, with different rules for different sections. No developed sites. Dispersed camping. Our area is stony and sloped, but it is possible to find ways to get reasonably level. Because of the stones, we have less problem with dust on winday days that the rigs closer to town. Roads to and through th camping area are dirt/dust.

Rate: We stay in the “14 day limit” area, free for 14 days, after which you must move. If you want to move to another 14-day area, it has to be 25+ miles away. Other nearby areas have longer stays, or water and dump services, but associated fees.

Phone/radio/TV: Excellent Verizon phone signal, aircard on Broadband. Nothing to block satellite. Didn‘t bother with antenna. Used satellite radio only, so don’t know about local radio. No local NPR.

Elevation/Landscape/Terrain: Elevation is 1,110‘. Views are of arid mountains, desert shrubs, and stony soil. We meet our group at N 33 38.960, W114 09.090, east of and slightly higher than the town of Quartzsite so night time views include the distant “city“ lights.

Lighting/Noise: No night lighting whatsoever. No moon, so the stars are brilliant. The only noise was made by our camping companions and the wind.

Favorite Sites: Anywhere level that isn’t already occupied. We tend to stay near the edge of the enclave.

Hiking/Walking: Step outside and head out in just about any direction of existing dirt roads and tracks.

Comments: We come to Quartzsite in January to camp with our RV’ing group. The town is nothing special at all. During January, the usual population of 2,000 swells to around 150,000 as RV’ers pour in by the thousands to boondock in all directions and shop at the annual RV sales, gem shows and flea markets that spring up. It is a sight to see, but the only draw for us is the comraderie of our RV’ing friends - a way to touch base and catch up with old and new friends each year.