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As fulltime travelers, we have a heck of a time remembering details of the campgrounds and RV parks we have called "home". Did our Verizon phones work there? Which site were we in? Was WiFi provided?  What did we pay, and was it worth it?

We like big sites, level sites. We like privacy. We like open sites, but a bit of shade is often welcome. We like unobtrusive but observant management. We like low/no lighting at night, wide streets, thoughtfully placed utilities, adequate trash disposal, a picnic table at our site. We don't really care about laundry facilities, restrooms, swimming pools... except that the condition of these amenities often reflect the attitude of the owner/manager of the park.  We use commercial parks, Elks Lodges, fairgrounds, state, city, county and national parks.  We occasionally boondock.

To supplement our memories, we have written these reviews.  Because we include only the information we need to jog our memories, our reviews won't take the place of a campground directory or further web research, but maybe they will help you find a park you'll enjoy (or avoid a stinker). 

Feel free to add your comments if you visit (or own) a campground reviewed here - other readers can benefit from your added insights.  Remember, as time goes by, campsites reviewed here might close, change, or have new owners.  Rates will undoubtedly change.  A commercial website or RVParkReviews.com can be a good source of updated information.  Happy camping!