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Monday, June 13, 2011


Armitage County Park sunny sitesOur opinion: Rave. We first discovered this Lane County campground in October of 2009, and we returned for six nights on June 8, 2011 and another week in August, 2011. 
This is our choice if we want FHU when we visit this Eugene.  Spacious, close to town, usually quiet, with a combination of sunny and shaded sites.  The camping area shares the park with several picnic areas, a group camping area, and a dog park.
The only drawback to this park for us?  Our Verizon air card is on National Access here (read: slow), and the new (unsecured) WiFi provided at the park doesn’t reliably reach to our favorite site!  So maybe we’ll pick a new favorite site.  :)  Updated 8/2011: we are in site 14, and the WiFi signal is strong and fast.  Our friends in site 32 find it unusable, so pick lower numbered sites if WiFi is important to you.
In 2009, word was that showers would be built soon, but that hasn’t happened yet and we saw no sign of construction during this visit.  Click here to read our full review from our first visit, which has been updated to reflect changes since 2009.

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Dnowhat said...

We love to stay here also. We always try to spend at least two days here on our trips up and back from Washington.