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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Typical row of sites in a shaded area. Our Opinion: Recommended, if you belong to Passport America or Camp Club USA.  Neutral, if you aren’t a member of a half price club.

Date of Stay: June 6 through 8, 2010.

Weather During Stay:  Pleasant early summer weather, highs in the mid 70’s, lows around 60.

Site Description:  This large, hilly campground has around 200 sites, but you wouldn’t know it when you drive in.  Instead of row upon organized row, sites are tucked in here and there, three or four rows in a shaded nook, another row or two in an open field, tent sites near the horse riding arena, “seasonal” sites partially shaded - a real mix.

Our site, #41, was at the end of a short, treeless row - we specifically asked for a site with a clear view for our roof mounted TV satellite.  It appears that more than half the sites are FHU with 50 amps, including our site.  The map indicates others are “seasonal”, W/E only, or primitive.

Site 41 at Artillery Ridge Roads are gravel, as are the sites.  The sites are nicely spaced for a commercial park with plenty of room for slides, awnings, and chairs.  Many (most) of the sites are not level, either sloping or undulating.  Many big rigs had difficulty leveling, and we felt lucky to be in a level site.  Sites have picnic tables and fire rings.

The park has many amenities, the main one being horse stables and corrals.  For those of us not bringing horses, the aroma can be challenging when the wind blows the wrong way!  It wasn’t too annoying, but be aware.

Rate: Standard rate for 50 amp FHU is $48/night, which seemed outrageous to us but is the norm for campgrounds here in Gettysburg (location, location, location).  We paid $24/night thanks to Passport America.

Our row of sitesPhone/radio/TV:  Our Verizon phones and aircard work here.  No obstacles for our satellite TV in our site - but be sure to request an open sky if you need it.  A few stations on the antenna.  No cable TV.  WiFi is included, but we didn’t try it out.  NPR on 88.1 from Harrisburg.

Elevation/landscape/terrain: This is a hilly, green, partly forested campground at 520 feet.  Views are of neighbors, grass, trees and horse corrals.

Lighting/noise:  Quite dark at night; no bright lights to bother us.  Very quiet.

Favorite Sites: We liked 41 for the open sky, but several in the range from 47 to 71 looked appealing, with shade trees but a possible shot through them for satellite reception.  Many are not level; ask for a level site if you have a big rig.

Typical shaded, gravelled site.Hiking/Walking: Walking through the large park is pleasant, but there is something better: follow the horse trail north along the road, cross the road, and walk the dirt road right into the battlefield.  You can walk to Little Round Top easily if you are a recreational walker. 

Comments:  This is a reasonably quiet park that worked well for us because of its very close proximity to the Gettysburg National Military Park.  The staff were accommodating when we checked in, and with the PA discount, the price was right.  We would return – and we wish we could have stayed a few days longer.


Anonymous said...

Glad to read your review. We are booking cabins there in November of this year. Do you have any recollection of them? I cannot find any photos of cabins #3 & 4, which is where we are staying. We are taking our horses. Can't wait to check it out.

Laurie and Odel said...

Hi, Anon. Sorry to say I don't remember the cabins - we don't pay very close attention to the things we don't need. :) I will say this, though - if you are taking your horses, I think you will love it - a horse trail goes from the park to the battlefield. Should be a great stay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Actually, I just found out we have cabins 4 and 5. :) They are the school and jailhouse cabins, so that should be fun! Can't wait to ride those trails!