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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Bayside RV Park entrance Our Opinion: Neutral.  This is where we would stay if we visited Palacios again. 

Date of Stay: February 21 and 22, 2010.

Weather During Stay: Lots of overcast. We had one sunny, warm afternoon, followed by a sunny, cool afternoon and a very cold night.

Site Description:  We had a typically-sized pull-through space.  FHU with 30 amps.  Site surface was “grass” (well, green plant matter) with some sort of soft asphalt laid over it to keep heavy rigs from sinking in too deeply.  Our back tires sagged down an inch or so while we were parked there.

According to the directory we used, this park has 25 FHU sites, but I think it is larger.  Our site and most of the others were very non-descript, not noteworthy for either a bad aspect or a good one.  However, some of the sites are quite appealing for their waterfront location and views (not available on discount rates).

Site 6A Rate: Standard daily rate is $20 to $30/night, but many discounts apply.  We paid the 50% off Camp Club USA (and PA) rate of $12.50/night, good for three nights.  Good deal for the services provided and the pull-through ease.

Phone/radio/TV:  Good Verizon service for phones and air card. No obstructions for TV satellites.  No TV stations on antenna, and no NPR station. 

Elevation/Landscape/Terrain:  This flat park is just 3 feet above sea level, and the surrounding water lends some charm.  Follow a long, palm-lined road past “Shrimp Basin #3, right to the end of a peninsula - there is the park.  Our view, from the center of the small park, was of a row of RV’s lined up along the water; behind us, RV’s lined up to the shrimp boat marina.  Quite interesting.

Lighting/Noise: The park was somewhat noisy during the day - the mostly interesting sounds of shrimp boat repairs.  Quiet at night.  Night lighting is quite bright from “streetlight” type lighting in the campground and marina.

Still water in Basin #3. Favorite Sites: We didn’t look, as it is unlikely we will return to Palacios - and the best sites aren’t available unless you pay full price (makes sense to me).

Hiking/Walking:  It was interesting to walk around the perimeter of the shrimp boat area.  Drive or bike into Palacios to the seawall for a 1 ¼ mile walk (one way) along the bay front.

Comments: The owners of this park were very friendly and helpful, and a little clubhouse is used by winter Texans for hobbies and potlucks.  We had some excellent shrimp, catfish and gumbo in town.  This small town (and this campground) probably would be a fun, very laid-back place to visit in spring.  Though I doubt we will ever return, we would stay here if we did.

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