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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Our Opinion: Recommend. Plenty of open space with vast views near an interesting small town.

Date of Stay: March 10th through 15th, 2009.

Weather During Stay: Desert springtime weather - warm days, cool nights, some clouds, lots of sun, calm, breezy and windy alternately.

Sites: No developed sites. Dispersed camping in a huge tract of land located at the intersection of S22 and Rockhouse Road on the eastern edge of Borrego Springs, CA.

Rate: Free. Near the beginning of Rockhouse Road, signs on both sides say “No Trespassing”. These signs are completely ignored by boondockers and are not enforced.

Phone/radio/TV: Verizon phones and aircard, if you stay near the intersection of S22 and Rockhouse Road, but the signal diminishes if you travel further back towards the mountains. Nothing to block satellite. Didn‘t bother with TV antenna. NPR from Palm Springs/Indio at 92.9 FM

Elevation/Landscape/Terrain: Elevation is 660 feet. View is of scrubby desert and scattered RV’s with arid mountains in the distance. Wide open spaces.

Lighting/Noise: No night lighting whatsoever. When the moon is full, it is bright enough to cast a shadow. Noise during the day from passing traffic on paved S22 and vehicles moving about in the area - and the distant sound of generators humming

Favorite Sites: Dispersed camping available along dirt roads throughout the area - find a flat spot with a nice view and you’re home.

Hiking/Walking: Walk in any direction on dirt roads/tracks throughout the area, or stop by the Anza Borrego State Park Visitor Center for information on the many, many hikes in the park This photo was taken on a hike on the west side of Borrego Springs, several miles from our boondocking site.

Comments: Rockhouse Road is the gateway to one of several boondocking areas surrounding the small town of Borrego Springs, located in the center of California’s largest state park. Lots of interesting activities in the state park and in the town, with more decent restaurants than is typical for a town its size. There are a couple of golf courses in town (one 9 hole) and a very upscale RV Resort, along with a few other RV parks and a FHU campground in the state park. The small grocery store is well supplied by not inexpensive - bring supplies.


GenWealth Advisors said...

No trespassing usually means that. It could be enforced at the will of the owner. So was this private land or just accessed through private land. I would hate to be kicked out by the authorities or even worse.....

Laurie and Odel said...

GenWealth, I've heard lots of stories about this spot, but don't know the ownership. I DO know that it is a well-known (both to campers and authorities) boondocking area that is used all winter long, year after year. No problems.