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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Our Opinion: Neutral. We won’t return, but it is OK if you really want to be in Deadwood. It would work well, though, for tent campers or smaller rigs - or people with kids.

Date of Stay: July 14 through 16, 2008

Weather During Stay: Very warm days, cool nights, occasional rain.

Site Description: 50 amp FHU gravel pull-through, long and very narrow in a row of similar sites. Not very level. Peeling picnic table. When we had neighbors, their awning extended into our site. While in bed in the morning, we could hear the conversation of our neighbors while they were STILL INSIDE. As I write, I can hear their TV and their dog playing with a squeaky toy.

Rate: Usual rate is $36/night. With 15% off for being Escapees and tax added, we spent $33/night. Too much.

Phone/radio/TV: Verizon phones have 2 bars. Aircard has 1 bar, but works, and reasonably quickly. No local NPR that I could find. No cable TV; antenna got two snowy stations. No obstructions for TV satellite antennas, though. WiFi available at no additional charge.

Elevation/Landscape/Terrain: This is a very sloped campground in a narrow gulch at 4700’. Views are of your very nearby neighbors and close, treeless hillsides.

Lighting/Noise: No road noise, and night lighting is not a problem if you pick your site carefully (not next to one of the numerous tall “streetlights”).

Favorite Sites: We were in 28, similar to the other pull-throughs. No favorites here; they are all WAY TOO NARROW and not sufficiently level. Plenty long, though.

Hiking/Walking: We chose this park because of the great walking. Walk to town (Deadwood) or head the other direction on the Mickelson trail, a wonderful 100+ miles trail on an abandoned RR grade. Excellent walking.

Comments: We came for the proximity to the town (a short walk or shuttle ride), but found it didn’t outweigh the tight, tight sites. We won’t return. BUT, when in Deadwood, have a great lunch, or dinner on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, at Deadwood Thymes Café Bistro on Sherman Street (closed Monday). Outstanding. Next time we want to stay in the northern Black Hills, we will stay at the city park in Spearfish. If you travel in a smaller rig, there are some wider, level, much prettier sites up at the high end of the campground and some interesting mining remains.

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Unknown said...

Six years later...I found the review a bit harsh. Deadwood doesn't have lot to offer for RVs but this was a nice campground of you are staying for a couple days. We have a 36 foot rig with 3 slides. Our site was level.the sites are stacked on top of each other but that is the norm for the area. The staff were friendly and facilities clean. We usually stay in the hotels in town but during the summer we will return to this campground.